Saturday, June 15, 2013

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Please note that we have NO affiliation with the television infomercial. Any claims, return policies and guarantees made by the infomercial does not apply to us. We are however a certified retailer of Alka Slim. Developed by Dr. M. T. Morter Jr., Alka Slim is a revolution in Weight-Reduction and dietary supplementation. It is the only weight reducing, health enhancing product specifically designed to alkalize and energize at the same time! Two scoops of Alka-Slim contain only 81 calories; fruit juices add approximately 100 calories. Do you want to feel great and lose weight the natural ways What if the foods you thought were good for you are making you sicks Remember the "Four basic Food groups"s You were taught you would be healthy if you ate a "balanced diet" of Meat, Dairy, Fruits/Vegetables and Breads/Cereals. So why are people in America getting sicker and more obese everydays The "Standard American Diet" is making them sick, because it acidifies the body and makes it toxic.The pr

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Alka Slim - 25.6 oz

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